GET SMART: Lose the paperwork!

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play them better than anyone else."

There is no doubt that many larger corporations have been playing the digital game for quite some time, and now we all have the chance to even the score a little by improving our processes and platforms. If you are here, reading this, you have already made the decision to move to the cloud, spend money on improving productivity, yet, when it comes to compliance and forms, everybody shudders. Oh they say, "Its too expensive" and "The guys can handle it" BUT YOU ARE MISTAKEN.

Lets do the math. Every paper form has a few steps to consider. And this is for 1 form only.

  • First, there is getting the form designed for the purpose. Lets say 1-2 hours of your time working that out.
  • Then, getting it printed and delivered, another hour of checking it, unpacking it and distributing it.
  • FINDING it when needed. 15 minutes ( especially of there are number of them)
  • Filling it out. Oops , where is the pen, doesn't work.. bugger, another 10 minutes.
  • Filling it out. Up to 1/2 hour. Meanwhile everybody stands around waiting.
  • Filing it and getting ready for the shift.
  • Give it to the office staff, have a chat, 10 minutes.
  • Office staff types it up, scans it in, emails it off and files it. 1/2 hour.
  • And I forgot to mention the cost of printing them up... prohibitive when mistakes are made and the paper is discarded.

    Now think how much that you sell your labour per hour. How much time has gone already on just 1 form. And you think they may be expensive.

    Having forms created digitally means that they are created, signed, emailed and filed in one small session.

    Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send me your form/s and a brief description.
    We will price the work and give you a full explanation of what we will be doing.

  • We work with most of the Major Systems

    Especially ServiceM8.

    If it is a digital form, and especially a part of job management, we have the skills.


    Completed in minutes.

  • No more lost paperwork
  • Signatures captured on the screen
  • Signatures saved to the form
  • Complete documents in the field
  • View documents back in the office in real time
  • Email forms to customers, staff and suppliers
  • Search past forms in seconds

  • ServiceM8.jpg

    Stored forever.

  • Secure in the Cloud
  • Backed-up
  • Available on all devices. Everywhere
  • Produce professional documents.
  • Brand documents with your logo and style

  • ServiceM8.jpg

    Ask simple questions.

  • Capture signatures from clients or staff
  • Multiple choice questions for easy completion
  • Perform and record calculations
  • Checklists ensure consistency across jobs
  • Safety. PDF document cannot be modified
  • PDF documents can be emailed with ease